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  • Newport, Rhode Island Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive Newport, RI: Scenic Drive with Ocean and Mansion Views

There is no better way to enjoy the breathtaking coastal views of New England than to take the scenic Ocean Drive along Newport's southern coast. Ranked as one of the most popular drives in the country, this ten-mile drive (or bike ride) is full of recreational treasures, iconic mansions, and ideal spots to pull over for picnics, fishing, kite flying, or just to admire the sunset. Points of interest include Fort Adams State Park, New York Yacht Club, Hammersmith Farm, Gooseberry Beach, and Brenton Point State Park. Typically, the "Drive" takes about 35 minutes to complete from start to finish. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the seaside scenery, nature, and wildlife along the way.





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  • Where do you start the Newport RI Ocean Drive tour?

    There are various points to enter the scenic ocean drive, but the easiest place to start the journey is from the southern end of Bellevue Avenue at the intersection of Ocean and Coggeshall avenues. From this location, drivers can see all the gilded-age mansions along the way. You'll also pass Breton Point Park, Hammersmith Farm, and Fort Adams State Park on this 10-mile journey.
  • What highway would I have to take to get to Ocean Drive RI?

    Depending upon where you are traveling from, there are various ways to get to Ocean Drive in Rhode Island. Take I-95 South to the Newport, RI exit and follow the signs to Ocean Drive. If you’re traveling on Rt. 138, pass First Beach and turn left onto Bellevue Ave, the best place to start the Ocean Drive.

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